Who We are

International Mental Health Ambassadors (IMHA), organization was founded by Claudia Sartor and Malvin M Nyabereka in 2018 and is focused on mental health related issues ranging from counseling services to advocacy through partnerships with organizations operating in both public and private sector of mental health globally. 

IMHA is an organization whose aim is to promote mental health in all aspects through advocacy and awareness campaign initiatives. Our aim is also to empower individuals and improve their quality of life through the integration of various online support platforms, public speaking campaigns and advocacy to communities.

We seek to break the stigma associated with mental health and by providing guidance and information of professional services offered and list of various toll free hotlines which the public can take advantage of with efforts to minimize the risk of human rights violation.

Apart from our vision and mission, we also advocate on behalf of other organizations, bringing the, closer to the people and community at large as well as educating the community about them. By so doing, we are enhancing and promoting the work of other private and public organizations in the health department.

Join in the campaign, and be an advocate.


Claudia & Malvin