Malvin M .T Nyabereka

Co-founder & Director

 International Mental Health Ambassadors (IMHA)


Malvin is the Director and Co-founder of IMHA. He is a mental health advocate who is passionate about changing the society, workplace, family structures and systems, through mental health awareness and advocacy. He has a strong passion for psychology driven by a huge fondness of understanding the human mind, its mechanism as well as its influence on behavior and social relations. Through the organization’s initiative, he hopes to understand the psychological dynamics that influence behavior, combine and integrate the working models in across different cultures and demographics globally.

Apart from that he is a professional tennis coach who has spent more than five years in the industry, he was introduced to the sport at a very young age and has been a part of his life ever since. During his spare time, Malvin is a guy who enjoys exploring places and traveling. His hobbies include tennis, reading, music and writing. He also spends his time helping other Mental Health organizations through volunteering work and advocacy while pursuing his academic journey in Psychology.

“The idea of behaviorism is to eliminate coercion, to apply controls by changing the environment in such a way as to reinforce the kind of behavior that benefits everyone” – B. F Skinner.